Google Policy update - appnext promotion for apps & games

Hi everyone,

Following the recent changes to Google’s Play Store policy, developers like all of you will likely need to focus 100% on in-app monetization in order to generate revenue. At appnext, that’s what we’ve been doing for the past 1.5 years, constantly improving our offers and how they’re offered in our interstitials. We’ve always been in compliance with Google’s new policy and were focused on maximizing the in-app revenues per user/install in all countries.

Up to recently, the majority of our 2000 developers were game developers, but this changed in July and continues now following this most recent Google policy change as we see hundreds of new app developers joining us. The eCPM of apps working with us is sometimes 30% better than that of games which we’re thrilled with.

This is why we decided to offer all of you a special promotion.

Here are the details:

For a 30 day period starting from the day you start showing our ads, appnext will pay a MINIMUM of $2 CPM across the board for all countries. Meaning, if at the end of the month you earn $1,000 after showing 1 million ad impressions, we will bump that up to the guarantee and pay you $2,000. On average the network’s eCPMs are $2.2, for all countries, so we are very confident that most of you will even make more than the guaranteed minimum.

The Payment Terms:

  • Our payment terms are NET10 !
  • Weekly payments: Payments over $2,500 a week will be sent weekly.
  • Minimum payment is $200 for wire transfer and $20 for PayPal

appnext Mobile Advertising for App Developers and Advertisers

Please feel free to ask any questions and we will try to reply as soon as possible.


Will be there banner ads in future?

Yes. We are working to provide banner solution as well.

Just wanted to add that we aren’t big fans of banners in appnext. We think that the best way to drive installs is by showing the user the game offers that he’s most likely to try, at a time that he’s free to try it and let him be able to close and ignore it.

Banners don’t always serve the same purpose. I strongly encourage to use interstitials, if you don’t already. You would find that more effective.

I never used AppNext. I used Revmobs for my games. The problem is I do Unity3D games and I used Revmob SDK, then interstitial were showing late, not accurate, like I programmed to show after 5th level in game, but even internet connection was awsome, it was showing like 20 seconds later. Also I noticed that, some random interstitial were on the screen even if it is not programmed to in RevMob.

  • Does your ads load fast ?
  • You show interstitial only as it is programmed ? Not ramdomly showing ?

I don’t think people are choosing banners OVER interstitials, more that they want banners AS WELL as interstitials. If the game/app has the space to display banners within the app then there’s a viable revenue stream on top of the interstitials.

I use banners when I have free/paid app. For me interstial is not enough irritating to consider buying app without ads. Also they give minor revenue.

@AndroiMania I believe so, the ads are loaded quick, most of our unit is text.
Same regarding the timing, I didn’t see something like that happening, when the interstitial is triggered, it should be shown right away.

We are working with many Unity games so if you’d like, you can send me ([email protected]) an example of your games and I can send you example of a similar one to see.

@A1ka1inE I agree and it is certainly a viable revenue stream. But I found out that there are quite a few developers that go with banners just because it’s easier to place them and don’t consider interstitials, some don’t see a clear break in the app to trigger it.

That’s why we try to find the right places for them in many cases and suggest to design the app/game with breaks or end of actions, in advanced. Eventually the ad revenues are what everyone’s make a living of, so it’s important to be planned right. I saw reports of couple of big publishers and they all show that the majority of ad revenue comes from Interstitials (vs. banners).

and @ufoq Right, banners are more irritating so for the purpose of premium model - they will do the job.

Hi Guys,

Just letting you know that this offer is still valid. We are seeing huge changes in the mobile eco-system these days. A lot of small and medium players, and a few big ones are changing positions.

I’m inviting all of you to be a part of this shift. With our $2 CPM guarantee, you have a safe landing.

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Since MOBARIO’s unique monetization method follows Google’s New Developer Policy, and most other agencies do not, it is time for you to REGISTER

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Some appnext ecpm stats update, August 2013:

Games avg: $2.4 ecpm
Apps avg: $2.2 ecpm
Wallpaper apps: $1.5 ecpm
Download manager apps: $2.9 ecpm
Widgets: $2.1 ecpm

Top GEOS are about 3 times higher than “low” tier GEOs.

*** TIP: Make sure to suggest your users to try a new game when they are ready to install a new app. Download managers do that right and revenues are higher ***

my ecpm with appnext is 3.96$ , its a game with European and east Asian traffic
so far so good

i run the ad when the user press continue/new game on the main menu, this allow the ad to load while the user is playing the game and when he finish and go back to the main menu he see the ad

It would be great if you could reduce the size of AppNext SDK and makes the ads load more quickly

These stats are for top tier countries or not?

These are for all countries. We have many non top tier offers that are local and localized. Most offers are multi lingual and shown to the user in his language. In some international countries (Indonesia, Arabic counties, etc) sometimes we get higher ecpm than in the US.