Google Policy - how similar your app can be?

We have 2 Google play accounts for historical reasons (for 2 different entities, personal account and company account).
Both 2 accounts have application listed that is similar in functionality but personal account has very old version that is crappy , but still ranks well and brings in Admob revenue.
The new version is bringing most of the money, ranks better, and has great reviews.

We do not want to kill the old version since its still ranks well but we want to improve the ratings and experience to users. We want to take the code from the new app version and upload it to the old app. I understand if we do 1:1 copy Google may not like it since its violating Policy - Spam and Placement in the Store - Do not post repetitive content.

How much different you think we have to be to get away without trouble?

We want to:

  • change the name and logo
  • change color scheme
  • remove some features of new app so that functionality is different

Most of the codebase will be the same. is that a problem?

I think you can do that, don’t forget to make it look difference (theme), the are many game like “Candy Crush” and they not ban

You will almost certainly not get into trouble… But are you sure users of the old version will like the new version? They might not like the update. :slight_smile:

Thanks for reassurance. I think they will like it, many of existing users do not rate it highly because app is really crappy :slight_smile: new app gets fantastic reviews and does the same thing but just works better

no this won’t get you banned. Even same code, same graphics and same music with same name of files won’t get you banned unless someone reports it to reddit bad apps or you violate the ad policy/copyright.

I do this I recycle same code to make more apps just change graphics and themes.

Seems great idea

seems the same apps, even same graphics. developers too.
I also think, that unless someone reports your apps, everything should be fine

If we go and do more research, there are thousands of such cases. So yes, everything is fine with having duplicate app/game except package name.