Google play's review system is not working like it should

I don’t think that Google play’s review system is working anymore. They sometimes put the worst reviews first. It seems to be done in a random way and then it is called “most helpful review”. I have apps, where good reviews are put first by their system, but I have another app, where they put a bad review first.

I wouldn’t usually complain about such a thing, but this review is one year old. The user complains about a bug, which was fixed almost one year ago. Should this be the “most helpful review”? There are 60 newer reviews than this one, why is then this one year old review put first?

I also have a really funny example. They put a review first, which complains about Google’s payment system. The user accuses Google of stealing from him. Is this the “most helpful review”? You can read this review here:

Haha yes I noticed that over the weekend. I just thought it was some pissed off developer clicking most helpful on bad reviews. Now I know it’s a bug in the system a very nasty one at that.

What are the rules for determining how helpful a review is? Can anyone with a Google account rate on if a review is helpful, spam or unhelpful? Or can only those who have downloaded the app vote on this? Does the person who vote on a review has to be from the same country as the review? I mean for instance if the review is from an american person on the USA version of Google play, can a Swedish person vote if this review is helpful or not?

NOt true for me, my reviews appear like usual. Everyone can rate reviews as helpful or not.

A swedish person may not see the english review at all, for example the link the TO has postet, I don’t see any reviews at all because I have other language

So a person does not need to download an app to vote on whether its reviews are helpful?

I understand what you mean, but a Swedish person can check the US reviews for an app just by changing the URL of the appstore like this:

or the german reviews:

So I wonder if the Swedish person can vote on whether the US reviews are helpful? Or can the Swedish person only vote on the Swedish reviews?

I’m not sure the hl attribute changes the visible reviews. I thought it was just the language, so you’ll always see reviews and rankings for the country you are in (I could be wrong though, maybe next time I’m abroad I’ll check it out)

You see the reviews for the country you set the appstore to. I live in Sweden, but I set my appstore to USA, because I want to see how it looks like on the biggest market. This means I only see the US reviews.