Google play suspended my app 100k installs

hello guys
Im writing this post with very sad mood
f***g google play removed my application :mad:
it has 100k installs 340 ratings (4.0)

5 months old

REASON FOR REMOVAL: Violation of the spam provisions of the Content Policy. Please refer to the keyword spam policy help article for more information.

Do not use irrelevant, misleading, or excessive keywords in apps descriptions, titles, or metadata.

please give me some suggestions and console

Did you get a previous warning?
What did you have in description or title?
Did you stuff keywords in your application?
Are you allowed to update the application after removal of spam keywords?

i get a warning longback
and changed keywords i have
25000 + Actress Gallery HD - Description
monring i recieved email of removal now it is completely removed from play :frowning:

Oh ok, so maybe all keywords were not removed. Having one too many after a notice is still in violation.
It would be nice if they told you exactly what they didn’t like maybe, so you didn’t have to guess.
Well, you said your app was suspended. At least you still have your Google account. It will suck to start over, but actually being able to is a good thing.

just buy a new account and upload with different package name. We all should be moving ahead and getting used to it.

My developer account is still active david
but if i upload with changing package name will get same seo ?

  1. I am not david :slight_smile: lol
  2. no seo benefit in uploading an app with different package name. consider it as fresh start

It looks like you like they didn’t like the bit where it says “content:…”

Wow, it has wallpaper, image, and gallery mentioned many times. I can’t imagine how bad the other one was.

your crying over 1 account and 100k installs? …I’ve lost 1k+ accounts and you don’t see me making threads throwing a pissy fit…

deal with it and move on…thats all you can do

Is everyone here doing things illegal? Bans happen for legitimate reasons. None of my app developer friends have ran into issues like this. This seems to be a big problem in this particular forum. :confused:

Same shit happened with me,
check out this link:
Hey Google, your policies are hurting developers: Google, Dont be Evil, Your policies are not respecting developers, they are hurting them ALOT

What keyword you have used there. I think you might be used any keyword which was copyrighted or name of another good known app.

ah… its sad, but I believe you already juiced out whatever you spent on that app, so forget about it and move ahead. by the way from where did you got all those images which were included in your application?

Your app use alot of keywords. For example, you mentioned a lot of names of actress in your description.

just forget about it and create new apps/games;)