Google Play Surveillance and Tracking apps

Surveillance and Tracking apps
In general, commercial spyware is prohibited on Google Play.

Products presented to users as a spying or secret surveillance solution are forbidden.
Apps that track user behavior may not hide, cloak or mislead device users as to this functionality.
Apps that track device user behavior must present users with a full-time persistent notification and icon that clearly identifies the app. (E.g., no usage of generic system-based icons like the Android Robot).
Apps (and their listings on Play) may not provide means to activate or access functionality which violates these terms.
You are solely responsible for determining the legality of your app in its targeted locale. Apps determined to be unlawful in locations where they are published will be removed.

Does this mean that all apps like Secret Video Recorder, Secret Camera, Spy Camera etc are forbidden from now? and
If my app tracks user devices behavior like accelerometer i must show an ongoing notification?