Google Play Publish/Update Delay

Before, when we published or updated an app, it would be available in 1-2 hours. But lately, a publish took like 1-2 days, and an update that we uploaded yesterday it’s not available yet…

Have you experienced these delays?

The last app I published took 2 days to appear in the market but the direct URL was live the whole time. I think they’re in the process of improving their verification system thanks to the increase in spam lately

Yes i updated my app yesterday and it took 1 day

I am also facing this issue.I published our app yesterday but still not available.I dont know why ? Please let me know is you are still facing this issue & why ?

Copy this URL into a broswer and add your package name to the end when you have time, then let us know if its live or not available yet please.

Not Available Yet ! ! ): What about you !!

It took me around 3-4 hours to go live. Usually i upload before going to bed, when i woke up it’s online. How do you know when your app is live, just search your developer name and they will all the published app you have, including the new one.

I experience delay from the statistics, it reports 2 days later. Is this normal or anyone here got quicker?

The update we published 2 days ago is still not available yet… And some people publish like always (1-2 hours). Tempted to send an email to Google Play support but we know they don’t care about us and will reply in 6 months “We see your app online, there is no problem.” (They did that to us once).

Hey Please let me know if any one is also facing this issue.

I am still facing this issue, anyone else is experiencing the same??

I just published an app and having no issue…but previously I had same problem and after 3 days still not available so I decided to give up…maybe it is localised? maybe certain type of app?