Google Play Localization

When we first started making apps, we only supported English and Spanish languages as they were the only ones we could make by ourselves. But then we thought about using Google Translate and we did. We now support 22+ languages in our apps. We also used it for the Google Play description, and our downloads doubled. But then a friend of us told us the Description for his language was very bad and we decided to delete all the Google Play Descriptions, but we still have the in-app ones. Around the same time, we noticed a considerably decrease on our downloads but we arent sure if it is caused by it.

So, my questions are:

Does having Description translations help in the visibility of our app?
Or is it enough having the languages shown as supported in our apk?

Google will automatically translate your description now for their language anyways. So your still getting a terrible translation of your description. But there is a difference in the automatic translation and if you post a translation (even if it just google translated and manually added). The auto translated description google does doesn’t get considered in searches. But the auto translation you manually add does increase your search visibility.

Thanks. I will put my own translations again to see if I increase my downloads again :slight_smile: