Google Play - Is it allowed to have links to my apps?

I wonder if it is allowed to make an activity page where I link to my other apps in Google Play.
Do I get banned if I give links to other apps in Google Play.

yes you will get banned

Are you sure this is against google policy? so you can show apps from other developers
(advertising) but not your own?

of course it is allowed, same rules apply

  • user has to click to get redirect (you cannot just redirect without user’s action)
  • a way to exit (close button, back button)

all companies do that. Ketchap even shows “house ads” before the game starts, always

I know that if you use admob, you can advertise your apps inside your apps running admob.

Can somebody who is sure let me know if it is possible to advertise your own apps.

If it is not allowed, why does google have tutorial on how to link to google play store:
Linking to Your Products | Android Developers

It allow, i use this method for years without any problem. You can use web view or intent view.

just use this:

startActivity(new Intent(

have been using it for years and most big companies do

This is totally ok.

Yes you can you wont get banned OP. I’m pretty sure of it.

I wonder if you really understood what he was asking. did you?

any app can route the user to google store and point to either his apps or others apps. any doubt in that?

if he is pointing to others apps. its means “that app developer has bought space on his app for publicity”

if he is pointing to his own apps. its known as cross promotion of his own apps.

i hope you are understood now.

Dont use this anymore most newer phones just loading up blank pages now. market://details?" I use web url now and it opens play store for me 100% of the time.

I use this format

Yep, this way is better