Google play got one of my apps out of all the top charts !!

One day my app was all over the top charts in more than 10 countries the other day & now I’m out from all of them

Screenshot from 2014-05-13 21:20:22.jpg

any ideas why?? happened to you before ?

the ranking considers the downloads from the latest week, whats the downloads difference between yesterday and 8 days ago?

What apps do you have that reached to the top charts?

Where do you get get this information from
? I would like to know where my apps ranked

does it mean you begin to show there after a week? could you please elaborate a little bit more on that ranking piece?

btw, the screens are from as far as I know

Guys I’m sure about my timing … this app should stay more week on the top new free … but yesterday I got an email that they changed its rating to high maturity … " Its a chat app " … and then they removed it from all the top charts!!

what i mean (and i have serious troubles expressing myself sometimes) is that the ranking considers the downloads from the last 7 days. Today, May 13th, your rank is a consequence of the downloads you got between May 6th-12th.

If you app is less than a week old you can still rank if you have enough downloads in the days your app is live.

I don’t know … I was getting 8-12k daily downloads and my app was number 6 on the top new free …

The content rating definitely throws your app out of some lists and devices. However, you sure your app didnt hit 30 day mark? Maybe your “new” window is closed.