Google Play fallen with IAP and Paid apps yesterday

I think if someone wants to make good, high quality app or game, invest money in marketing and support, should leave Google Play and keep it only for simple apps with advertisement, whats solution then? Look at:

Mobile Phone App Store Statistics | Statistic Brain
You can see what stats have IAP and paid apps in different platforms, now compare age of store, number of apps, installs and money. Answer is simple, iOS is smashing google play even in 2014 year when apple little fallen. It’s totaly overhit. Now go to last column and check windows phone store, look at number of apps, think about store age and income. All stores have similar 30% revenue share. It’s weird that android with the biggest number of users on the planet, have income similar to so small windows store and 2x bigger than dead black berry with trashes in market.

Why we should go another stores with serious apps and games?

-google is banning for everything, similar but own made graphics, common words in description because somebody copyrighted for example word “flow”, ads, etc.
-even you is not breaking any policy, can get ban without any clear reason

New policy:

For paid Products or in-app transactions, you must respond to customer support inquiries within three (3) business days, and within 24 hours to any support or Product concerns stated to be urgent by Google. Failure to provide adequate information or support for your Products may result in low Product ratings, less prominent product exposure, low sales, billing disputes, or removal from the Store.

Means that you have to hire some support to reply users, no reply, ban or cash grab. This policy can beat in very big games, I have tons of emails daily with free apps I can’t imagine what will happen with 10-50mln or 50-100mln game with IAP, they have to hire huge support teams.

For new Developers without Product history, Google may use or publish performance measurements such as uninstall and/or refund rates to identify or remove Products that are not meeting acceptable standards, as determined by Google.

Means that google can decide that your app is not meeting standards, for example your lwp is ugly, have high uninstall and refund rate, so google can get angry and ban it, 3 bans = lost account

*google isn’t side of transaction, what means that you have to care about taxation(still EVEN IF NEW POLICY! New policy in EU just changed tax side, still you HAVE TO PAY VAT AND MAKE DOCUMENTATION, change is one, you have to go your tax office and ask for tax refund from VAT, to sell products in EU you have to have VAT-EU)

Last changes will cause that indie market of paid and IAP apps in Google Play will fall and maybe some big games what haven’t enough money to hire huge support teams.

Apple and Microsoft:
-not baning accounts, just not let your app to pass verification if it’s low quality or malicious, Apple sometimes explain why, Microsoft, always explain
-they are side of transaction, what means that you are not seller, they pay all taxes and making paper work, when get payment you have to document just ONE wire transfer, you don’t need any VAT EU
-revenue seems to be much bigger from paid and IAP, even android is much bigger

Amazon AppStore is similar to Apple and Microsoft. Still, sales on Apple for me are almost not existant and from what I read you don’t stand a chance there agaist big players because of the way charts work there (always occupied by the same apps). I haven’t tried Microsoft yet, while Amazon is similar to Google Play in sales.

Apple demands big marketing, without 20-50k$ for advertising it’s not chance to get into top 100 but even without rank, earnings are bigger than in Google Play. Windows Phone can be interesting, not so many devs and apps, so there is niche to get into top lists. Jojo mobile from Poland is windows developer and they noticed bigger earnings than with android, they have games for kids.

Why can’t the powers that be at google, just remove the apps but not ban the accounts ?

As fort third party app stores, it seems like they do not love earning money. Most of the app stores including Amazon is cluttered, they
do not have good app publishing interface. If a group of 3rd party app store can measure up to play store, I will
leave it in a heart beat.

LOL good joke, google have developers in ass, even not responding emails, never replied. There is not store for IAP and paid apps except play, so solution is iOS and windows, amazon is to small for selling apps and they have many stuff what is distracting users from apps like books, movies, music and other.

Are you always this confrontational or are you trying to be edgy ? It was a rhetorical question.

Because Google’s spam team love the word ban. They are fed up of ever increasing spam and become frustrated. Instead of guiding the developer, they will use easy solution by leaving decision to the bot. They like to use bot to find apps that are against policy but always mistaken good apps vs bad apps because robot can’t think and make decision properly. Google’s action of banning account has been quite popular since year 2008/2009 in blogging world and many small blogs are dead within that period. I guess it is never change for good even for today.

The moment they make Admob into the Adsense system, I can sense that. They will change to become evil once they have become the dominant player in the niche market. Thinking that they are inferno and have the mighty God’s hand power to clear all spam indie developer. I think Apple treats their developer better than Google. It is time to give less “power” to Google now.

To tell you the truth, I started out by making decent quality apps and it felt like I could never make money for months. I started making bs apps and broke $5K+ per month, than went on to $10K+ per month. The bans started, and I returned back to making decent apps in November 2013 and my earnings fell quite a bit. The users and google are both to blame for this.

The conclusion is both are hard to please.

The users seem to love shit since it almost always ends up floating up in google play.

What do you mean by bs apps (out or curiosity)? Like apps that has popular name like angry bird, but the app is just an image? Or what do to you mean… Thanks Sent


I know what bs stands for Loool.
But I want to know what kind of apps qualify as bs