Google play description

Hi Guys, in the old developer console there was an option to add an automatically generated translation
of your app description in a number of languages. How can you do that now? I see the option to add extra languages but it seems
I have to provide the translations manually

You can’t. They don’t want automatic translation anymore.

That’s because your app’s description is now automatically translated into all languages now.

The manual option in the console is to override these translations since they can be quite bad. So if you know another language you will want to input it in the console to override it.

If you go to google play from a foreign country IP you will see the translations already done for you.

Thing about these automatic translations is that I don’t think they get included in play search algorithym. I manually added translations from copy paste from google translate and my downloads almost doubled.

Interesting, I also do all my translations myself because I can’t see what Google does.

Maybe they are done in real time for the user and that’s why the algorithm doesn’t pick it up?

Also, Google has already come out with a 1 hour paid translations service for your app in the developer console available only to selected developers for now.

It’s about time! I doubt the rate are good though. You need a really big app for paid translations to be worth it…

Ill try that with a couple languages and will let you know what happens !

Which languages did you translate your apps into? I just tried with Japanese, Vietnamese, German , Finish and Portuguese. Let see what happens.

Do Turkish, Portuguese(Brazil), Russian, arabic, thai, german, korean and Italian. These for some bizarre reason are the top android users around the world for all my apps. Your traffic should easily quadruple, at least for me always it does.

I translated into every language available on google translate. I know it takes some time, but I have less than ten apps.

My advice: Set english as default and add languages you know and you let translate. With english you cover all industrial countrys+ most parts of asia: = profit.

Guys, thanks for the awesome tips. I am just wondering, do you always translate the title of the app as well? My title sounds a bit funny when i translate it.

Can we give a totally different title in the local language? does that work well?

I am wondering the same thing!

If the title is searchable in their own language (ex: “Earthquake”) it’s better to translate. There’s some titles that are searchable in their own language but have a great brand behind like “Angry Birds”, this title I would never translate, only the description.