Google play banned, whats with admob?

before a few days, I got my google-play account banned due to policy violations (I have 2 apps named “how I met your mother quiz”, this name seems not to be legal). One week after suspension of my first account, I got my second account banned because my two accounts were linked.

Yesterday I got 2 mails from Admob, both mails have the same content (I try to translate it from german to english) :
“One of your apps is violating our policies, your app has been disabled.
Reason for suspension: Deletion from google play due to policy violations. Your account-status: active”.

So I deleted all ads in my apps (I have archivied all banners and interstitials, so no ads were served).
I am afraid that my admob account could be banned, too. I have a current account balance of ~9000€. If I request payment for this money in 2014, I have to pay 50% tax, so I want to request it in 2015.

Is there a risk that google will suspend my admob account? Sice disabling all of the ads, I have currently 0 impressions a day.

Regards FG

That’s a tricky situating you got yourself info … Your first mistake was using admob on an app that is not 10000% legal :frowning: nothing you can do about it now but learn for the future. Planty of networks out there who don’t care if your apps are live or banned and pay OK. I never waited for requesting a payment from admob so i cannot say for sure how that works but if i was you i’d get the money out now , pay the tax and at least have something in my bank then nothing if they suspend the admob account. The longer the money stay there the better chance you give G to investigate and ban. It’s 50/50 i think if the admob will survive or not, really up to you and no easy way out here:(srry

Don’t put money in Admob. They can ban any time with any reason. I think you can save tax if you signup for Payoneer and get approved. After approval update your admob with US bank account you ot from Payoneer. In mean time you get money in Payoneer from admob you will get Payoneer debit card. Use that card with any ATM and get money in hands. In this way I think you can save a-lot of Tax. There will be only 0.01% deposit fee = ~90€ and $3.15 per transaction. Means By this way you can save much more.

Thank you for your tips.
I have created a payoneer-account. Does the german finance authority get notification from payoneer if I receive payments?
Nontheless I have deleted all ads from admob, so I cannot violate any rules, or am I wrong?
I have another question, if I update my bank account and stop holding my payments, how long does it take to get the money from admob? 95% of the money was earned before august 2014. Do they wait until the next month or do they payout immediatly?

It seems like admob is only wire-paying to bank-accounts with iban and bic. Can I get these data from payoneer? I can access only us-payment at this time.