Google Play App Rating Exchange

Help us each other. Unfortunately the market is full of apps that have paid mass 5 star rating services and for freelances without large financial support It’s difficult to compete.

I will give a good rating for every one rate the mine, and if I think that app has some serious issue I will contact the developer directly to explain the problem without damage the app Rating.

Here my free apps

Here the respective full version(for the paid app I don’t expect that someone buy these only to give the rating, however a G+ mark will be appreciated…)

Best regards

In respect of Google Policy and user if you think that the linked App are not good or have some issue you can discuss the problem here. This initiative is for help honest independent developers to get reviews, not for incentive scam review or spam. This mainly because the developers are not protected against some foul users that give 1 star rating if you don’t leave your app totally free (also when you offer a lot of features without any cost), and against big corporations that pay for thousands of fake reviews to improve the rating and damage the competitors.

Hey I got your Math Professional App. I like it. Gave you 5 stars on the free and G+ and a G+ on the pro.
Appreciate you check out mine too:
IN 5 Browser
IN 5 Browser Pro

Thanks. I have just given you 5 star rating.

5 Stars
I love this game
Please refer my app

emm… none of my apps is a game, and can’t find your app :confused:

I have reviewed and g+1 the calculator and the notes apps, under the name of Popescu Silviu.

Please do the same for:


5 star rating given to both apps, thanks

Sorry SMx , i review for some app and game in the same time.
But i reviewed your app :slight_smile:
Please re-check my app

Hi everybody, i see that members are normally create thread for “review/5stars/g+ exchange”.
With this way, one member only can review for some others only, and it consume many time.

From this, i come up with the IDEA: CREATE A PROMOTE TEAM
We rate in exchange for each others.
Register your app on this spreadset.

Imagine that, When team reach 500 members, you will have 500 review/5star/g+ for your app.
It will be a great kick-off for increasing your app rank.

good initiative, however i don’t want leave personal skype contact, use the pvt on this forum to keep in touch

app reviewed

Rated 5*, reviewed and G+'ed
My game:

Thanks, I have reviewed the your

This ideal is cool, and i think skype nick can be leave blank. It is not the matter.

Hello SMX ihave given you the rating & review of your maths professional app with the name of nicol pls give me the same

Hi, I rated for your app “Math Professional” with comment "good It’s really useful for me ". please do the same for mine:
thank you

Hi, I rated for your app 5 star with comment, please do the same for mine:
thank you

Thanks, I have rated your app

Done Vantruongtlhp app rated

I have reviewed(Free) & also G+'ed(Free & Paid)

If you would be so kind; (Yet Another Flappy Bird Clone).
YAFBC - Flappy Plane

Code Breaker (Bulls & Cows)

Doggy Doo (My first app using MIT App Inventor)

thank you v.much in advance

yet Rated thanks