Google Play Account

we want to get several GOOGLE PLAY ACCOUNT for payment, someone can provide? kindly contact me.

Same here. Contact me if you can provide accounts.

the same.
Has anyone tried to open new account last few weeks?

I tried 3 times today… all paymets were cancelled by google in a matter of hours. I used different cards, from different providers… it’s strange

What providers did you use? Did u use the same name/address to create the card and dev account?

Yeah, I used the same name and address plus phone verified accounts. Providers were 2 different bank accounts and one virtual card from neteller

Possible name + adress already in black list. Check your IP in spam list too. And need delete all google account with the unsuccessful attempts and same adress.

Sign in on the Google Accounts homepage. Click Data tools at the top.In the Data tools box, click Delete account and data.

You create Gmail PVA or bought they ready ? Country and city of creating gmail need same region IP when you purchase dev account.