Google Play account suspended for no reason

Got an email from google play saying account is terminated and the reason is prior violation. While in past 2 years I haven’t received any email of any kind of policy violation. Few days back they did sent an email regarding we need to update apps to tell whether apps is child directed or not and I didn’t updated my previous app. Can this be the reason? Just a suggestion if some one hasn’t updated their apps. So its better to be on safe side. My account was up for 5 years and more than 15 apps. And I never did anything fake or cheating. Just played safe and fair.

Didn’t appealed yet. What are your guy thoughts does the appeal actually work or is there still a bot sitting punishing people for their shitty algos.


@DroidDev99 I’m sorry to hear that. Did you have had any previous account banned by Google? If yes, strange that they took so long to re-ban you.

Strange part is, that was my only account no other account. In the email they say they have send violation emails before but none was received. I even never rated my own apps :slight_smile: Don’t know what’s up google or may be they are out for indie devs. I haven’t appealed yet. Will do today and let’s hope for the best.

Do you think not declaring apps to be child directed or not, could be the reason of termination?

@DroidDev99 hmmm… Then maybe you used some reskinned apps banned before on other accounts? Or maybe by “prior violation”, they refer to not declaring apps as child-directed.

So after appeal this is their reason
Your Google Play Developer account has been terminated due to multiple violations of the Developer Program Policies by an associated Google Play developer account. We’ve reviewed and confirmed this association.
I can tell you guys honestly that i never had any other google play developer account other than this one and i’m 100% sure this is by mistake. But they won’t accept as their decision is final. I really wish had money so i can fly to usa and fill a case against Google. very unfair decision. 5 years of making apps and in seconds they terminated my account for some thing i never did.
I strongly think now it’s time to build an open app store and once it gets partnered with some oem. The indie devs won’t get punished for something they didn’t did.

Sorry to hear man, my main account was terminated due to apps that were previously unpublished. The appeal was basically similar to yours, they didn’t care if the apps were unpublished years ago etc, once they decide that you have done something they don’t like as in the case with the one email you got, they will find a away to terminate your account, their store, their rules!

But in my case it was my only account. This is very unfair i believe. But still i believe anything that happens is for Good. Keeping head and hopes high. Won’t back down. Today they made another enemy.

Appeal them again. Keep proving yourself right when u appeal them. They will surely consider u

I think if you are not declare app for kids, that is the reason they ban your account. It write in the policy about kids and family rule.
I have an account ban before, appeal will not help much, they always reply with an automate one. But you can try it again.
If it still not success, try with iOS/Appstore, they more honest than Google Play.

But if that was the case then they must have mentioned this and i should have accepted it even it’s not a very big deal they should at least warned me to declare that. The reason they told is "Your Google Play Developer account has been terminated due to multiple violations of the Developer Program Policies by an associated Google Play developer account. We’ve reviewed and confirmed this association. " And i never had any other associated account.

Any way thanks for the support and suggestions.

Thanks vivek for the suggestions? Can this work even they had denied my first appeal?

I think yes, you don’t have any other option. Try it. Let us know how well does it goes…

Okay thanks, will try this. Any suggestions for what i should right to them now?

Okay guys good news, After re-appealing many times they reinstated my account. I have also contact support other than appeal form. If this unfortunate thing happens with any one just keep telling the facts and don’t try to sound guilty if you ain’t. Also ask them a direct contact for a manager or a lead at policy team and tell them that you want to launch complain. Hit them on twitter and where ever you can.
Thanks to all of you for your support and valuable suggestions.


Good to hear. congratulations !!!

This is interesting. How many times did you appeal, and in which channel(s) you get a human reply? Did Google said anything on the mistake they made?

Yes, some 8-10 times may be. I also reached them at twitter (@GooglePlayDev) and then i reached them via general support. They didn’t accept the mistake explicitly. The email says upon further review we decided to reinstate your account.


Demand on explanation why they didi it. Probably, they banned your account in error. Either you сommited something wrong or something that doesn’t match their rules.