Google plans to purge millions of apps from the Play Store next month

I read that Google started sending emails to developers that dont respect the User Data policy and will remove all non compliant apps on 15 march.
Can someone more experienced shed some light on what this is about and did any of you received email from Google about this issue?

I hope so, there is so much spam crap on google play right now

Nice misleading title lol. I got an e-mail regarding this issue for one of my old apps I haven’t updated in 4 years (due to old ads).
Google should have e-mailed every developer for every app in violation, so I don’t think we will see that many apps come down.

Yes. I received it for almost my all the apps.
You need not to do anything special for this.
Just Host one HTML page stating that you are not sharing the data of your apps/game user with 3rd party.

You need to paste that HTML page link in your developers console page for the mentioned app. Thats all.

For the example purpose you can scroll down others apps/games and click on their policy link. That will help you to write the policy pave content.
Hope it helps.

I think you should insert that link into app also , in Google mail they write “within your apps”

i have received for my apps too.

i have just changed the permissions of my apps and i published my apps without warnings. (READ_PHONE_STATE)

is this enough? because before i have changed the permissions dev console had been giving the warning about permission and asking for a privacy policy.

in the mail i have received was saying if i changed the permissions it was ok. so i changed the permissions.

to you , is this enough?

thanks in advance.