Google have started reviewing Apps

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The two main tips that you need to understand in details are: ASO – App Store Optimization and GooglePlay moderation.
1: What is App Store Optimization
Have you ever heard website owners stressing over their SEO, Search Engine Optimization, a process undertaken to ensure a website it found on Google? Well, ASO is the same process for the app store. App Store Optimization has been created to help your app improve its organic search results. What this means in simple terms is improving the chances of your app being found when someone searches for a particular search term. Competition is harsh in GooglePlay and getting your app found is one part of the battle. For more information on ASO please click through here to our recent ASO post.
2: What is GooglePlay moderation?
Until a few months ago, GooglePlay did not moderate their apps, pretty much anyone could upload any app regardless of the quality and content. This has now changed and GooglePlay are now moderating apps. Do not panic too much, GooglePlay will not review your app in the same eyes as Apple does, you do not have to produce apps that are as intricate as the professional apps like Angry Birds. The GooglePlay review process briefly checks that the app is usable and does not contain inappropriate material.
In order to understand where you stand with your app you will see one of two things occur when you upload your Android app:
1: Your app will appear as published in Google Developer Console (however it will take 2-3 days to appear in GooglePlay)
2: Your app will appear as Draft in Google Developer Console – This does not mean it won’t be published within 2-3 days, what it means is that it is being held for app review.
Why is my app held as a draft?
Many new apps will be initially held as a draft, the reasons for this are:
1: This is your first app and GooglePlay may wish to check your credibility as an app maker.
2: Your app name contains some words that trigger GooglePlay’s attention this may be because the name looks like it could be spam or it may look as though it is copyright of another brand.
3: App description – This may not be complete, or may be too short or vague. GooglePlay want app descriptions to be as clear and concise as possible so that app users are not wasting their time downloading apps that are not relevant to the app name or app description. Descriptions need to be keyword strong, content relevant and not written in a robotic style.
4: Incompletion of datafields – It you have not completed all the fields in your app developer console, or put what looks like junk in these fields your app will be picked up for review. This is because GooglePlay want to make sure that the app is a real app and not junk.
I hope these tips have helped you understand GooglePlay and what you need to consider prior to publication.