Google Deprecating Admob SDK on August 1


Just wanted to throw this news out there to all those involved with Admob’s SDK - which I’m assuming is a lot:
Google Will Deprecate Standalone AdMob SDK for Android on August 1

[li]On August 1, 2014, the Play Store will stop accepting new or updated apps that use the standalone Google AdMob SDK. The SDK does not use the Advertising ID, and will therefore be non-compliant with the Google Play Ad Policy on this date.
[/li][li]Google will stop offering technical support for questions specifically related to the standalone SDK on August 1, 2014.
[/li][li]Ad serving through the standalone SDK will continue to work after August 1, 2014.


What exactly does that mean and what are the consequences?

Means if you use Admob SDK you need to switch to Google Play Services by August 1st. They won’t accept new apps or updates with the existing Admob SDK after that date.

And you can probably be banned when they spot your app if you haven’t updated it.

So it’s going to be a set it and forget it update. No more sdk updates. That’s cool

It does say that the AdMob SDK will continue to serve ads but if you update your app with new features - it will likely not pass or be suspended. Doubt they’ll ban you for using one of their own products - that’ll cause more anger than solving the issue.

Ah that’s sucksss because with their advertising ID, users can go to settings and disable ads so no adds will be served
With the sdk they can’t do that

Ads will still be shown if advertising I’d is disabled. Advertisers will not be able to target ads at specific users though.

I guess now I really have no choice but to update my apps, at least I still have a few months before it’s totally required…I’ll probably be updating just before the end of July.