Google Advertising ID

Hi guys,

i need to update my apps for the google compliance any one could explain to me what is Google Advertising ID

and what should we add to our source code

thank you

Just go to the ad network you are working with and ask them to provide a new SDK with the advertising ID. If they don’t have it - better switch to a network that does.

Most ad networks have already provided a compliant SDK about a month ago. Check out the instructions on their web pages.

In order to understand what is Google Advertising ID have a look here

All networks have instructions on what you have to do, just in one sentence you have to add google play services lib in your project and add some lines of code in your AndroidManifest file.

Hey everyone,

Just a reminder that our SDKs are already 100% Google Advertising ID compliant. You can download the latest version from our dashboard. LMK if you have any questions.