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Google Admob and Moonwalking


I dont know if it is a normal thing, i havent seen posts about it anywhere I even googled that, so at 3 PM Admob shows 0.30 $ revenue, half an hour later, 0.18 $ then now its at 0.15 $, even click count dropped ! how is that possible in laws of nature and the digital world? Either im very noobishly missing something important or Google Servers are acting weird.

Even my appstore listings, one of my apps displays 5,000 downloads, next day shows 0+ then the day after goes back to 5,000. With another game I have 1,000 downloads, it drops back to 500 then goes back to 1,000. Seems like it is falling back to an older restore point in the servers? because the time I released my 5K app, the other one was 500. I know this is posted in the Advertising networks thread but i would think since admob and play store belong to google something in common is causing this problem for both services… please tell me im not alone? I am located in Jordan, Middle East, I dont know if this would help regarding which servers they use.

Please did anyone experience this?

I’ve already seen that on my account, it should come back later (or maybe this is because of invalid clicks?).