Google AdMob ad serving has been disabled to your application

I have had an email from AdSense saying that ad serving has been disabled for my app because ‘LAYOUT ENCOURAGES ACCIDENTAL CLICKS’.

Basically I have a banner at the top of my game, the users swipes the bottom of the screen, the only UI button I have is a pause button in the top right corner which is, admittedly, right beneath the banner. I did not want to put the button at the bottom in case it was pressed accidentally during gameplay. I deliberately made the touch area 3 times the size of the button so you do not need to tap close to the banner to activate the button.

I have had this layout since I launched the app in October 2013. The CTR for the banner is 0.24%, very similar to another game I have, which has a banner at the top and no button near it, this has a CTR of 0.21%. I cannot see how there is a significant number of accidental clicks here? The banner only makes about 15% of the ad revenue of the app and yet all the ads, including interstitial ads which make up the other 85% have been disabled.

This app made approximately £5,500 last month, and now it has been disabled, with no warning, for a banner that contributes a small percentage of the revenue, has a moderate CTR and a layout which has not changed for over 18 months.

Does anyone have experience with these types of violations and the appeals process? Apparently I can make an appeal so I will probably move the button, or remove the banner, or both and make an appeal. Does a human at Admob actually look at these appeals?

Email in full:

This email is to alert you that one of your applications is not currently in compliance with our AdMob program policies and as a result, ad serving has been disabled to your application.

Issue ID#: xxxxxxxx

Ad serving has been disabled to: xxxxxxxx

Action required: Check all other remaining applications in your account for compliance.

Current account status: Active

Violation explanation

LAYOUT ENCOURAGES ACCIDENTAL CLICKS: Publishers are not permitted to encourage users to click on AdMob ads in any way. This includes any implementation that may encourage accidental clicks, such as placing ads near game play area or navigation bars, or placing ads and links extremely close together.

Action required: Check account for compliance
While ad serving has been disabled to the above app, your AdMob account remains active. We suggest that you take the time to review the rest of your applications to ensure that they’re in compliance with our policies, and to monitor your apps accordingly to reduce the likelihood of future policy emails from us. Additionally, please note that our team reserves the right to disable accounts at any time if we continue to see violations occurring.

If you wish to appeal this disabling then you can do so by using our appeal form.

Thank you for your cooperation.


The Google AdMob Team