good way for distributing android apps for free

hi guys , i am just wondering what is the best way to distribute android applications on the net for free , i know there is payed service for advertising application but i want a free ways , hope someone help me
thx in advance

I don’t understand you :expressionless:

Google Play - $25 for account, even your apps are free
Alternative markets - read on forum, they are shitty but free
Thats all:| - there isn’t free good place and what is “payed service for advertising application”? :expressionless:

let me more clear , i am registering in google play but that nt enough for me , their search tech in google play are suck , and needs more time just to appear in search or u have to put name for ur application that user always search for it , in addition they dont use tags to make search more easily , in result , i want several ways to advertise my app wthout using adowrds or adsense to let ppl know that there is an good app

jesus christ. In this forum about 50% of threads are about marketing methods. Why, the hell you can’t just read names of forums, find “Marketing Methods” and read some topics? People describe paid and free marketing methods they’ve used. Even I made a report of my game where I’ve described where I advertised and how.