Good or bad?

For a game that will have users playing for 2-5 minutes.

Chartboost int.
Admob banner on top of game. (Not obstructing gameplay)
And vungle video every 5 failed attempts OR back key.

Too much? Any suggestions ?

If you combine your ad networks in your games please share! :slight_smile:

If your average session length is 2-5 minutes then I’d say you’re solid.

I agree with @A1ka1inE , with only one comment:
If many/most of your users are coming from countries with lower-than-average 3G connections, I would put interstitials instead of video ads. Video ads can be hard to watch in 3rd world countries.
Viedo ads could result in very bad user experience, so be careful.

Well most of them I believe would be united states users. But I wanted to know if it was too much. Yeah ive known that people with bad connection could result in a bad video ad.


Do you recommend any other mediation?

Has anyone tried vungle? I hear their video ads rev are great put they’re net60? :frowning:

I don’t currently use video ads, but I’ve heard Vungle are one of the best networks for that ad unit, yes.

Also, if you have mostly U.S users then video ads should be very effective. You could always flip between interstitials and video ads, you might get better results.
Best thing to do is to experiment.

I’m with @A1ka1inE, 2-5 minutes average game play should be sufficient for those ad units. When is the Chartboost int. served? Is it alternating with the video — (after 5 failed attempts OR Back Key) or on Start or Exit? While Loading? Between Levels? etc? As long as the Ads aren’t served too close together you should be OK. Watch your reviews on Google Play and take into account your Users’ feedback. That could very well be a determinant for you here. It’s vital to maintain good communication with your users so that you can increase the lifetime value of your app.

Also, @jonathan makes a good point about the connection speed. If you’re in the U.S., you’ll probably be fine though.

P.S. Keep in mind WHO your user-base really is and what demographics are in play. Knowing and understanding your users’ demographics, your target audience, and your ACTUAL audience is crucial to optimizing your ad placements.

I was thinking the chartboost int. Between levels or failed attempts. The 5th level or 5th failed attempt, instead of calling a chartboost int. Call a vungle video.
As of users, im pretty sure they’ll come from the US but you never know.the game is worldwide type with characters more appealing to US users.

Any ideas on what should be a good ad placements and calling them out intervals?

It all really comes down to what type of experience you want your users to have. Shortening your ad intervals might make your more money in the short term, but it might also devalue the user experience, thus causing users to uninstall your app. Some developers try to extract every penny out of their apps by increasing ad serving and shortening ad intervals, while others prefer longevity and choose to extend their lifetime value by playing it on the safer side. It’s personal preference in regards to the conflicting app monetization models.

To me, it sounds like you prefer to play it on the safe side and that you wish to maximize your profits without irritating your users. Am I correct in assuming this?

Based on what you’ve stated, I think you are on the right track with every 5th attempt (depending on the average time for an attempt). During loading or levels is always a solid choice. My advice would be to not serve the interstitial or video ads too close together (after 1, 2, or three failed attempts/levels.) Five seems to be a safe bet for you but again, that depends on the average time for an attempt or level (you might even be able to get away with a shorter interval). You know your app best. If you would like me to take a look at it, then I’d be glad to do that.

As it was mentioned earlier, experimentation is helpful to gather this sort of intelligence. The ad network you use is also important because if you choose an intelligent platform, then this sort of data is automatically collected to optimize the ad serving algorithms, etc… By the way, measuring things like GEOs should be easy for you. If chosen wisely, your ad network(s) will provide you with smart metrics to improve, and make your user-experience seamless.

Thanks for such good information. And you are correct in assuming I dont want to irritate my users thus making them come back again. And the time for a failed attempt you could say its based on the same ones as temple run and the train one as well. I believe I would be making all the good rev with the admob banner for some reason.

But Im having trouble placing the chartboost int. And video.

As of now I think 2 failed attempts launch the chartboost. The next 2 will also be chartboost. Then 3 -4 failed attempts call vungle video.

I really dont need to squeeze the int and video out because after all im still making rev with banner.