Good CPC banner ad network?


I used to use airpush, they had a really low ecpm then moved to admob, really happy with them but now I can’t use them anymore because I had to create a new google play account and it is not allowed to use the old admob account with the new google play (They seem not to like crossing accounts).

So, is there any good option for cpc banners with good cpc/fill rate?


Hi Oanime,

Were you using our 360 abstract banners? These are highly engaging to users, and great CPMs, and you can backfill with standard banners.
I hope you will give them a try. Send me a PM to chat more.

Airpush Nick

you can still use admob with your new account via our new mediation SDK

Dont link your apps. Add app Manually and your good to go.

Thought about this but don’t know how secure is this. I have more than 10k to be paid on admob and don’t want to waste them.

On the other hand mediation is a good option I did not thought.

Thanks to both for your help.

What i’ve been doing is the same as DroidGenie’s saying. I have multiple google play developer accounts and admob accounts, and they have no any problems.

How do you access them? A VM for each? Or you simply use them all from same PC? Is it safe or are you risking linking of accounts from Google?

I use firefox and a plugin called cookieswap. It should be safe even without cookieswap, i think.

Thanks. I actually planned to have different browser for each. Wouldnt it be same as using that plugin?