Glidecam for DSLR

Hello, friends, I would like to ask you if someone of you has a glidecam for DSLR. Does it improve the quality of pictures you take?

Hey, I have been using glidecam for a long time and I can say that Yes it is a great helper I wouldn’t say it directly improve the photos this is impossible in principle ) the quality of photos depends on many factors lighting, weather condition, skill of the photographer and etc, as for glidecam I can say that it really smoothes the movement, prevents shaking in the frame and plus just easy to use. If you’re thinking about buying a glidecam learn more about them in this article once it helped me choose my glidecam, and I’m telling you with all responsibility, it was worth it, very useful thing

Well I would argue with you here in my opinion this thing is overrated. I use Glidecam XR Pro and it is nothing more than a convenient add-on didn’t notice anything fantastic. But in any case I would say, not prevent to have!