Get my app ready for run media on ad networks and dsps

So guys,

I’ve been using FB to promote downloads to my app, but I have the feeling that I’m paying too much.
so I would like to try using Dsps and adnetworks.

for facebook I’ve used the FB sdk, but I’m not sure what do I have to do for networks.
is it an universal pixel tag, such as tag manager for this or do I have to include each network sdk or tag?

if there are many, which one do you suggest?

Can u share what was the cost per install in Facebook for the countries u had targeted?

let me check in detail later, but as far as I remember is around USD 1, and the markets in latam: Colombia, Paraguay, bolivia, salvador, guatemala & honduras.

Feel free to contact me. Appnext works on CPI only. And the countries you mentioned usually run campaigns at a rate lower than $1. Our platform is now 100% self-serve.
Contact me at [email protected] for more details.