Get more high quality app reviews to increase your app downloads

The importance of positive app reviews:

[li]High quality app reviews can help increase app downloads. Most people like to download the app with many 5 star app reviews. When they see one app have many positive reviews, they think this is a good app to use.[/li][li]Most apps with much more positive reviews are featured on App Store. App Store will recommend the app that is praised by users.[/li][li]The volume of reviews you receive has the biggest impact (apart from downloads) on your rankings in the top charts and search results.[/li][li]App reviews also can help developers know the advantages of their app, to make their app better.[/li][/ul]

After we know the importance of app reviews, let me introduce some methods about how to get more positive reviews.

1. Make sure you create a great app
You need to create a great app that provides value to its users. If your app does not function well in the first place, you cannot expect many users or positive reviews. The happier the users are, the more positive reviews will come in. Make sure you update your app regularly to keep it relevant and functional.

2. Ask help from your friends and families
One of the fundamental aspects of getting more app reviews is asking. Consider implementing the aforementioned tips and try to find the best opportunities to get reviews so you can increase your downloads and app exposure. Ask your friends and families help to write positive reviews and high ratings for your app. Ask if it is possible, ask your friends promote your app to their friends, and to their friends’ friends…

3. Incentivize your users
When your app users are asked to leave a review make sure you provide them a “what’s in it for me” incentive before asking for their feedback. Brainstorm some ideas that would be beneficial to your app users and implement them into the review process so that user reviews are a win-win for everyone. Offering a bonus level for game apps is one example of an incentive that can be translated into apps of other types as well.

4. Exchange reviews in related platforms
There are many platforms can provide this kind of service. You can put the link of your app to ask others download your app. And you should download their apps to write reviews for it.

5. Buy high quality app reviews
This is the most effective and quickest way to get more positive reviews and high ratings. I recommend you Reviewapp4u. They have helped many app developers. All the reviews are from real phone users, not fake reviews from bot. So it is very worth to do it.