Get iOS App Ratings

For iOS 11, the role of ratings has been seriously elevated, apps now will appear on search results with rating - having a clean 5-star rating gives you the opportunity to impress every audience.

What’s more, Only 15% users would like to download those apps with 2 ratings, and 50% users would like to download those 3 rating apps. However, 94% users would like to download those 4-5 rating apps.

Then, get app ratings is a great way to promote app, which can boost app downloads efficiently.

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Recently according to new significant changes in iOS 11 - to be promoted in App Store require more efforts from developers to stand out their competitors.

Those ratings are effective which are accompanying the reviews together. Having reviews and ratings simultaneously allow you significantly to affect the App Store ranking and get positions higher.

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Also it’s crucial important thing to work decently at your keywords. You have some options:

1) Order ASO service where the searchable keywords will be selected and adopted to app’s title and description. And after keywords will be launched.

[b]2) Keyword installs.[/b] In case you are sure that your app is properly optimized - just order the keywords to increase the ranking position in search result app page.

3) Reviews.The service of reviews delivering supposes that you can propose your texts for reviews and your own list of keywords which should be placed at the app page.

So hope my post will help you to promote your App better and have significant revenue!

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