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My name is Tzachi and I’m working at

We are doing great promotion for mobile game developers, please contact me if you interested in it :slight_smile:

If you will integrate our sdk, we will feature your app on home page (monthly traffic is over 500K unique users. Traffic Statistics by SimilarWeb + mobile traffic that isn’t counted).

Our sdk is great product that keep your users hooked on to your app!
Apps using enjoy:
~20% increase in Lifetime value of users
~12% increase in Retention rate

We are looking for good developers to cooperate with us.

It’s a win-win situation. You get free downloads, increase your retention and profit. We get a small portion of the added revenue that we give.

Contact me at [email protected] (or PM me) if your mobile app have more than 1,000 daily active users.


What our SDK does and what will you benefit from it?

We offers mobile game developers a bundle of cloud based games that can be integrated within your app.
The games can either appear upon game completion, when users have exhausted the app, as a daily bonus for each return to the app, or as a “More Games” button on the main screen offering them similar games within the app.
We allows app developers to extend their app retention rate with the HTML5 gaming content that can be played by using the WebView browser engine.
For example: if you know that your users are uninstall your app after 8 sessions, the games catalog will pop up after 7 sessions.
Your users won’t leave the app when they play the HTML5 games.
With this technology, a user who downloads one game will now have the opportunity to play dozens of games in one app.

Inside our games we implemented ads that you will get revenue from it.
IMPORTANT NOTE: all your current profits from ad networks and IAP will be remain the same.
We only split the revenue from the additional ads (that pop up when users play with the HTML5 games)

You can read more about it at Tap.Pm | Make more money from Mobile

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