Get $50 for every 50 people you recommend!

Dear Devs!

Due to high growth of our new Android marketing trick.
We have had thousands and thousands of new devs registering on our site.

From 1000 visits daily about 31% purchase the lifetime pro version

For our celebration we would like to reward you $50 for every 50 people you recommend!

To receive your $50.
Your users who you recommended must register and purchase the lifetime google play.
We only pay you through PayPal. (So you must have a PayPal account).

Then you must pm your users email addresses to me here.
Our team will check on the same day and pay on the same day!!

Yes we pay daily!

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This should be in “Marketing Methods”. How is it applicable to Advertising Networks?

Oh sorry, I was in that section posting maybe I accidentally got into Advertising network section. (can admin move post)

Congratulations to MilkaSik, Vanyooga & DreamingAgain got their first $50!
Keep it up!