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Rated 5, also g+1 (Jakob Golobič)
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rated 5 and commented Great game very nice and challenging game. 5 stars…

rated 5
and commented Great it gets really challenging

Done. Review by Big Les Challenging but fun!

Me please by

ust rated g+ and commented (Loving the chalk graphics!)
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Rated 5 And commented
Very great graphics

Comment - The graphics are just amazing

5+ g+ “Fantastic game” “This game really challenges your mind”

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Rated 5 And commented - Very handy app. Keep up the good work developer

Rated 5
And commented Beware Very addicting game

You rated only the first app not the second one

Didn’t saw that earlier
Comment - does what it says

Done 5*, my comment: Nice game, very challenging. If you want to have fun with math, this app is for you.
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comment - great Does what it says and that too nicely.

I 5 rated and g+1 your app

My review
"very smart this one makes you think, Im loving it "
my user name: Gonzalo Diaz

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Rated - 5
commented - Great Very good game. Gets very challenging

I have reviewed and g+1-ed your app. Name: Popescu Silviu

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Rated - 5
Comment- A very great game which utilises great skills from one person. A must download.

Thank you, my friend!