Get $10-$25 Per New User World Wide....Try out the NSA SDK.........

Ok before you guys jump to conclusions this is for entertainment proposes only. The NSA already does this crap, but imagine if they paid us Android Developers to do their dirty work would you join up?

Imagine if the NSA (National Spy Agency) came up with an sdk for Android/ios developers.

They can pay $10-$25 per new user who downloads an app with the NSA SDK.

Your users would get spied on from the NSA.

Phone calls will be monitored and recorded
Emails and texts will be read
access to your microphone and camera so they can snoop and listen to your conversations.
GPS tracking so they can track where you are at all times.
Bonus $$$$$ up to $25,000 if your app helps them catch Terrorists and other criminals.
Collection of email addresses and phone numbers and names of al your contacts.

The NSA does this without our consent already but if we got paid the above rates per new user how many people here would come onboard or would you just walk away.

I think the permissions alone you would have to enable will be the main factor why people wouldn’t download ur app. I personally would not do it. You could get sued down the line

There was ad network here that was spying like NSA and paying for it. Its SDK had a lot of permissions but people were still interested in implementing it… Don’t remember the name though.

screw NSA, they are the biggest terrorists. No one has a right to read people’s private information.

this idea is great for spam apps. :smiley:

Google is already doing this :stuck_out_tongue:

Its not good. :mad: F***k their SDK.

I think finally we "middle east developers " will get the highest rate :stuck_out_tongue:

Is this available??