Gear Dash

Get ready for the craziest game ever! Gear Dash!
Assist your little cogwheel on the way through dangerous and unique levels.
Move platforms with your fingers avoiding obstacles and never ever let you gear fall down! Remember your metal gear is magnetic and fast… really fast, so navigating won’t be easy.
Dashing at top speed keeping it real that’s where it’s at. Stay close to top and collect coins if you can :slight_smile:
Beat you scores, improve your runs, become a master of your cogwheel and achieve an ultimate skill. It’s not a runner - it’s something much more!

Top features:
*Great graphics
*Epic speeds
*Hardcore gameplay
*Top notch quality
*Addictive and fun

Can you set a top score of 100? The gear must go on!

rated and g+ as Michal V
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