Game too violent !!! Advice needed...

Recently I published a game in play store and it is receiving large no of downloads (10k per day) and some great reviews…

The problem is that some users (2or3) are giving it very bad review and saying I should should not be making games like this since it involves the death of an animal!!

I want some honest opinions on this… Anybody had any similar experiences??
I am worried that google might consider it too violent too…but then again, most of the game in action and arcade involves the death of at least one species…

What do you think… Any measures that I can take?? Should I be worried???
Here is my game:

yeah and angry birds is violent because you kill pigs, your game looks awesome, don’t care about them there is always some stupid users around

So here is the problem: if you put another animal in there that people don’t care about (eg: a rat), you would not have gotten the downloads. Heck, I bet some people even download it JUST because of those 1-star reviews.

I doubt Google will ban your account. Worst they would do is take down the app itself.

Here’s what google says:

Apps that contain mild cartoon or fantasy violence must be rated low maturity or above. Apps that contain realistic or intense fantasy violence must be rated medium maturity or high maturity, and those that contain graphic violence must be rated high maturity. Gratuitous real violence is not allowed in Google Play.”

You can change this on your app’s console.

Currently I have given the game a low maturity…
do you think i should change it to medium or high…few drops of blood are shown…

If it fits with this “Apps that contain realistic or intense fantasy violence must be rated medium maturity or high maturity”, then you should…

there was blood? my cat died and I didn’t even notice.

haha thanks for trying out the game…anyway i received the following mail from google y’day:

"This is a notification that the minimum content level of your application, , has been changed to Medium Maturity (3) by the Google Play Team after a regular review.

REASON FOR CONTENT LEVEL CHANGE: Violation of the Google Play content rating policy.

After a regular review, we have determined that your app includes fantasy or graphic violence. The content rating of your app has been changed to reflect this.

Please be advised that additional content rating modifications by the Google Play Team may result in administrative action, up to and including removal of subsequent applications in violation.

All violations are tracked. Serious or repeated violations of any nature will result in the termination of your developer account, and investigation and possible termination of related Google accounts.

We appreciate your contributions towards ensuring an accurate content rating experience for Google Play users.

The Google Play Team"

Now I know there will be no further actions…:smiley: No harm done

cool, sounds like they are a little easier to work with compared to apple.