Game - Pen Click Farmer :)

Hi, my first app for Android, Tks

Pen Click Farmer it’s a diversion game very funny! challenge your friends disputing who taps more and faster!

You Have only 30 seconds to tap the fast as you can on the pen in animal forms and hit your own record in each move. You will have the help of the items that slide on your screen and add more time to your game, but be careful! some items decreases the time.
Pay attention and be fast to identify the items that do well or harm the animal which characterizes your pen.

faster you tap on your pen, a side bar is raise and reach a atomic state and a lightning button will appear. by clicking on atomic button you will have 7 seconds of powerful and your score doubles!

Register your records and dispute worldwide with others players to know who is the great champion!


  • High Definition Graphics that let you want play more and more
  • Easy and fun to play, but keep your score will be challenger
  • 16 different pens
  • Facebook Sync
  • Free Age ! 2-99 years old
  • No Ads

For Last but not less important, a big very thank you to all who plays Pen Click Farmer.

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PenClickFarmer - YouTube

soon for ios