[GAME][FREE] Tumble Rumble

Become the fastest creature in the Animalia Kingdom!

Three creatures are on a quest to become the fastest creature in the Animalia Kingdom. The track is set – Desert World – where they have to endure the scorching heat and avoid obstacles which can hinder them from accomplishing their goals. Along the way, they can collect coins to unlock and upgrade their power-ups. Will they be able to prove their claim as the fastest creature?


  • Three cute characters to choose from:

    • T- Spin the Turtle

    *Spike the Porcupine (coming soon)

    • Armor-dillo the Armadillo (coming soon)
  • Each character has unique power-ups to quickly reach the finish line

-Easy gameplay - just touch-drag the character for acceleration and movement

-More character stages to come!

Download it now!


Downloaded and played your game some. The graphics look great, and the game is fun to play. Only thing I didn’t like was the tilt control seemed sluggish on my phone. Sometimes I couldn’t roll out of the way fast enough even though I saw an obstacle coming from a long ways off. On my phone it seems the turtle turns really slow with the tilt controls.