[GAME][FREE] Tessera - An AWESOME puzzle game

My first android project. I understand that puzzle game with such complicated rules will not be so popular like simple clicker/tapper games like flappy bird and so on. But anyway, I love Tessera game, and if some one going to read it rules and start to play too, I will much happy =) Please, leave feedbacks and your impression from this game! Thank you.

Google Play Link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tarkus.tessera.android

Tessera is a 2-d combination of Rubic’s Cube, Checkers and the more advanced levels of Q-Bert. Simple yet colorful symbol graphics make for endless hours of gameplay… akin to how one can play MineSweeper or Tetris on end, this game got into your head. Gameplay consisted of “flipping” tessera, or tiles, from squares over adjacent squares. The result would either create a complex tile, or cancel out, resulting in the deletion of a tile. The goal was to clear the board entirely. Higher levels were designated by added tile complexity, and larger board grid sizes.
The game can be played either on one mosaic or as a tournament in which the object is to solve all nine boards with the lowest overall score.
Good luck and enjoy this game!