[GAME][FREE] Square Hase - simple but addictive side-scroller

Hey guys,

After reading this forum quite a while with a lot interest i finally just decided to create an account and posting my first thread.
I want to show you guys my new game called Square Haste.

I really appreciate honest feedback because i am not searching for a quick buck. I really want to start a serious approach of getting established in the app-business.

If you rate my app 5 stars i will do the same with yours in exchange!

So that´s it for now. Im really excited for your replies!


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As Marius Helf

EDITED: Our Business Complete Successfully, Thanks! :slight_smile:

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@coderbros I actually did what you said - I checked out your game and I’ll give you some feedback. I think you did quite a good job with your game. Most of the improvements are outside of the game.

Change your icon ASAP. Its horrible, both the play-store 512x512 and the round one after installing it. You MUST change it (I mean, you can do whatever you want, but really, change it as soon as possible). The promo graphic that is displayed on android device when you browse the market also needs some adjustments (however its better than the launcher icon). You should show your main hero (the square) on it, and I don’t like putting “simple” and “challenging” on one screen. I’d change this screen to show the block and loose the “simple” word.
Good luck and please provide the downloads data before and after icon change (because you really need to change the icons!!!)

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Heey, thanks for your feedback.

Im really happy that you like the game itself. My graphic skills are pretty limited as you stated already. Do you mean i should change the icon completely or only the shape of it. Because i really don´t know what to put on it?!

By the way rated all the apps above as Jason Smith! :wink:

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Thank you very much!

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Thank you.

I reply from the phone so I’ll make it short. Shape is better now but it lacks the colors. Simple is good but it needs to show quality. Change the background color or try to show some obstacles and the brick. Black square on white background (and 0 other elements) looks poor. Btw Im no good with graphics too:)

Okay i will see what i can do :wink: Thanks the advice!

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