[GAME][FREE][Review Exchange] 1984 - New Puzzle Block Game

About 1984:

1984 is a brand new puzzle block game.

It redefine the classic block game. Simplify the block shape and the rule of clear blocks. Also, we introduce two game mode. With the changes, you will experience a totally new game, but still gain so much fun just as you did with old days.

How to play:

★ We only offer 3 shapes of block: 2x2 block, 2x1 block and 1x1 block
★ Every block only contains two colors: red and blue
★ Put down block, once the same color blocks connect from left to right, then they’re cleared and you score. Really easy and simple.


Check our video for more detail.

Two Game Mode:

★ Challenge mode. No limitation. Try to get the highest score and compete with player in worldwide.
★ Time Mode. You only get 3 minutes when playing. Meanwhile, you will get some special blocks. Every line you cleared, you will get bonus 10 seconds. Survive as long as you can.

Support share screenshot to social network: Facebook, Twitter, etc. Share the happiness with your friends.


No need to wait. Just download 1984 and have fun.


We look forward to your comments and suggestions. Then, we can make this game better.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Binsgame001
E-mail: [email protected]
We’re waiting for you. (づ ¯ 3¯) づ

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