[Game][Free] Ninja Wizard

Hi Android gamers!

We, Menue Games, proudly brings you a role-playing game entitled Ninja Wizard.
Check out the details below.

Destroy the Fuwacha den with wrath!

Ninja wizard is a magical and mysterious being who seeks for the evil little creatures called Fuwacha that cause troubles in the forest. Together with his polar bear friend, he set out on a journey to fuwacha village and to destroy their den, leaving no traces behind. Join him as he sets his record as the greatest ninja wizard of all time!


*Animated gameplay

*Adjustable control placement for left handed or right handed players

*Purchasable power-ups:

*Polar bear and his eye laser beam

*power up potion

*attack speed potion

*movement speed potion

  • Earn more ninja tokens by getting the full version!

Here is a peek of the game:

You can download it here!