[GAME] [FREE] Jigsaw Puzzle Journey - May I have your opinion about this game?

How long has it been since you ran the campaign? There reporting is delayed about a day for me. I just released a new app, and ran a appbrain campaign for it with much better results. I targeted the top 15 countries, by ecpm report from my previous apps. I bid the minium $0.20. Was getting 130k impression per day and about 1k installs per day from it.

One of my games that is only for Romania got 265 impressions since last night (when the day started) while my global game got 2 impressions (from USA, UK and Australia at a price of $0.2)

Maybe it’s because I targeted more countries. Here is my list of top countries by eCpm I got in my previous apps with admob, if your interested: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Av3Sna_5K8UEdFZSTnBOUjlhVkVrdnhzWHJocmFlWnc#gid=0

I changed my bid to $0.30 targeting the countries United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Australia on appbrain. I got 62 impressions today (last 8 hours I think) while my other game that is targeting only Romania got 423 impressions so far.

The bid optimizer from appbrain is showing different data then it was showing before. For example, if I set my bid to $3 (the maximum), the Average position is 3.2 and the Installs per day is 82. 2 weeks ago I was seeing the average position as 1.1 and installs per day >200 for the same price of $3.

At this point, unless I am missing something here or there is just something wrong with their system, this is the end of cheap (if $0.2 was cheap) user acquisition with appbrain.

Thanks for the admob info, my stats indicate similar values. Although I also see high eCPM with Indonesia and South Africa, I decided not to take that data too serious because the number of impressions was rather low and looks irrelevant.