[Game][Free] Auto Line98


I specially designed this game for those who love Line98 but not very good at playing it. You will soon recognize that this app is not only the game, it is also the guidance to help you improve your Line98 skill.

Please give me some comments to make it better!

Hi everybody, i see that members are normally create thread for “review/5stars/g+ exchange”.
With this way, one member only can review for some others only, and it consume many time.

From this, i come up with the IDEA: CREATE A PROMOTE TEAM
We rate in exchange for each others.
Register your app on this spreadset.

Imagine that, When team reach 500 members, you will have 500 review/5star/g+ for your app.
It will be a great kick-off for increasing your app rank.

I Agree, Hetpin has a good ideal.

I update it with major boost: guide line actived!

I update it with more precise timer