[GAME][Free][4.0+] TheFirstOfUs

The First Of Us

In this game, you are going to see the prehistoric world. Help our strong healthy caveman to avoid all dangerous traps and enemies, who would like to defeat him as fast as possible. Our main character is not a bad neanderthal man. He was just in the wrong time and at the wrong place. With your help, caveman can become faster and smarter in this cruel time ages.
Collect some meat pieces to use PowerDash. There are two bonus levels in our game named “Over the trees” and “Caves”. Use PowerDash before mushroom or beaver to go to “Over the trees” level. Tap to fly upper and try to crash birds to find some meat. Otherwise if you want to go to “Caves” just use PowerDash before enter to the caves. Run on the geyser to leave the caves.

It’s obvious that neanderthal man has many enemies, but although he has several helpers like kiwi or platypus(duckbill). You can tame both animals at “Power Ups” menu. Than you can find kiwi while running through prehistoric forest and platypus will be your helper in the caves.

• Easy gameplay
• Fast to learn tutorial;
• Nice art;
• One thumb controls;
• Challenging with friends by score



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