[GAME][FREE][4.0+]Space Marmoreus

Hello World,

I’ve just published my second game, Space Marmoreus, on google play. Please go try it out and if you like it help spread it around by giving it a 5 star review, telling your family, friends, social media, etc about it. And if you don’t like it, tell me what I did wrong so that I may improve in the future.

Thank you all very much, here’s some info about the game:

The universe has been invaded by billions of marmoreus. The only thing standing between them and earth is YOU!!
Fight your way through the swarms and prove to your friends that you are the best by getting the highest possible score on each level and posting your mega score to the leaderboards.

Space Marmoreus is a fun, challenging and addictive space puzzle game with lots of unique levels, some of which require near perfect precision to get the best results.


  • 20 levels to start(with more on the way)
  • beautiful space backgrounds full of color and detail
  • 7 awesome tracks for you to enjoy while saving the world
  • leaderboards system, can you be the top marmoreus destroyer in the world?

Googleplay Link: http://tiny.cc/spacemarmoreus


So guys any suggestions, tips, praise, criticism, etc.?

Look at pm thanks