[GAME][FREE][2.1+] Pearls Deluxe


A while ago I made a game called Pearls which received a lot of positive feedback, but I couldn’t help myself feeling it could have been done better.

Thus I decided to make a new one from scratch and voila: Pearls Deluxe.

The objective is the same. Link pearls together by swiping over them and not swiping twice over the same pearl. A pearl cannot be linked to more than two other pearls and you can only swipe up, down, left or right (not diagonally).

What’s new in regard to Pearls:

  • sea animals:

    • sea snake will ear pearls in a chosen direction
    • blowfish will blow pearls around it
    • jellyfish will create electric links and clear all pearls of the same color
  • now you can collect seashells by making chains of seven or more pearls.
    By collecting all seashells you earn a bonus item like “field reload”, “piranhas” and bombs.

  • A lot more sounds and in-game music.

  • better animations and visual effects

Here’s a short video and some screenshots.

The game is free and available on Google Play: