Game Developement Monetization

I am currently developing an Android scoring game and I wonder few things about monetizing.

I already browse Android Dev docs, but cant find my answers, so here I am :

  • What is the minimum amout of money ( $ ) you can charge for an in-app purchase ? Can you put ANY amount ( 0.05 - 0.12 - 0.23 … ) ?

  • What is the average amout of money you can earn from video advertising, to unlock in app feature ? I know it depends on the advertising platform you choose but still.

This will help me to knwo how to balance in app feature purchase, depending on unlocking conditions ( by paying or by watching an ads ).

Thanks you very much !

PS : Hope it is the good sub-forum of the section =p

You cannot charge less than $1.00 (approx). Over that you can put any amount you want. For what i have been told video advertising can give you eCPM of about $5, so you get about $0.005 per watched video.

Thanks for your answer Baksai !

Guess I am going to have to deal with an in-game specific currency =p
I cant charge 1$ or 0.005$ for the same feature … furthermore, I dont think an extra skin or a pack of options worth 1$.

Any other information about eCPM ? What can we get by cliquing a link, installing a game and other way to make advertising ?

Again, thank you very much !

Using Tapjoy offerwalls might be good for you. You can give in-game currency to users for installing apps from Tapjoy. I don’t know exact prices yet, but I assume you’ll get between 0,01 - 0,20 per installed app, with the average about 0,05. I will be integrating them next week so I’ll be able to give you more details about the rates if you won’t find any better answers. You can also take a look on pollfish surveys. @BaksaiApps, is it for incentivised or non-incentivised videos? Does this eCPM include skipped and cancelled videos?

Incentivised videos. Not sure if they include skipped and cancelled ones, as i mentioned this is not first hand experience. I am specifically referring to Unity video ads btw.

Thanks guys !

We are actually developing with Unity engine. Is there a specific ads network with it Baksai ?

For games, I recommend Fuse Powered | We help mobile game and app publishers make more money every day
It’s specifically catered to game monetization, combining some of the top performing video and full-screen interstitial networks as well as offering IAP solutions. Putting that together with user segmentation, you can get really granular in how you monetize your games.

Thanks you very much Rox ! I’ll give it a look ! There is so much ads network, hard to pick the good one.

I am going to learn more about IAP, eCPM and other important concept, build differents monetization system and going to come back here to show you how it looks like.

Think its going to take a while, but I’ll be back for sure, you guys seems nice and competent !!!

Good luck!