[game] ddddd

Defeat the Demon Dwelling in the Darkest Depths, or DDDDD for short, is a rogue-like dungeon crawler. You can choose between 3 different characters, with various attributes and venture through the randomly generated dungeons, slaying monsters and collecting loot.

There is no perma-death in the game, so if (when) you die, you can carry on from where you left off.

Any feedback would be appreciated!

Screenshot_2015-09-02-08-32-56.jpg Screenshot_2015-11-19-08-11-16.jpg Screenshot_2015-11-19-08-17-54.jpg Screenshot_2015-11-19-17-22-21.jpg

Are these regular games I am new to this app and unsure about what to do

I don’t quite understand what you mean? It is a game, yes, and you play by moving your character around a map.

Done from my side, rate 5 and G+ under name Nayab Hasan
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Rated, reviewed and g+ given as Artzei R!

Here’s my new game, please do the same:

A new version of the game is now available. The most notable feature is the ability to play multiple games at a time, so you’re no longer limited to playing as a single character.

The game should no longer report an Error Code -103 when installing on some devices.

My review is here JumblyApps

DDDDD is now up to version 0.44. Significant changes include

  • Achievement support
  • 6 playable classes
  • 40 floors featuring over 80 different monster types
  • Permadeath mode and grave pillaging