[Game] Bari : The SF adventure of little girl with puzzles

Hi I’d like to introduce the game that I made last summer.
It’s name is “Bari”, the SF puzzle adventure game.

Demo version - https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...BariDemo&hl=en
Full version - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.team.Bari&hl=en

(If you use mobile phone, you could search the word “Bari” in Google Playstore)

In this game, you could control one weak girl, Bari. She just lives with her parents in the spaceship.


However, the ship is crashed with a big meteor, and all of the lights in the ship are turned off.


Now, Bari has to start her adventure to save the ship by collecting light flowers, which can return the lights in the ship, but there are lots of impediments that block the way in front of her.


Player should work with Bari to solve the puzzles that block her way in maps, and some puzzles are challenging that could fulfill your apetite for brain works, such as laser reflection, bomb distribution, and three color Othello.



This game is especially based on the “light” system. Using the light flowers gained in the map, you could activate lamps and turn them light on. Furthermore, you could change colors of lamp lights by mixing the light flowers. The color of lamp light could be changed variously, and each color of light brings the different kind of effects in the map. You could solve puzzles using this game mechanic.

If you like puzzles or adventure, you will definitely enjoy it! Try this in the Google Playstore.

Nicely done, keep on working on it