[GAME] Awakened Gods: Elementals TD

Let’s us present the debut game Awakened Gods: Elementals TD of a new indie game studio – vARDAmir’s Game Studio!

In the game Awakened Gods: Elementals TD you will have to use your tactical skills to defeat dangerous creatures. If I were you, I wouldn’t expect victory from the very first. The game belong to a famous genre – Tower Defense.
Thanks to this game, you can feel yourself a defender of a huge realm, known as Ardinor and protect human lands, elven forests, dwarves mines and barbarians jungle against the invasion of countless elemental creatures army created by Ancient Gods.

The game Awakened Gods: Elementals TD differs from other games in the same genre with beautiful 3d graphics with high-quality hand-painted textures and plot. In order to select an optimum combination you should take into account that types of attack and armor have different advantages against each other.

You are to complete an exciting campaign of 12 maps in 4 unique sceneries. Unforgettable hand painted locations will catch your eyes. You can see human lands, filled with lush leaves; elven forests with everlasting autumn and giant trees; dwarves gloomy mines and barbarians dense jungles the nature of which hasn’t been touched for hundreds of thousands of years.

Help the races of this wonderful world and forbid Awakened Gods to destroy the crystal of the Universe!

  • Unique type combination of damage and armor!
  • Campaign of 12 levels with an interesting story!
  • Skirmish mode
  • achievements
  • 4 different kinds of locations!
  • 12 unique enemy types, each with their own abilities!
  • 12 various towers with the possibility of leveling up and skill system
  • Excellent hand-painted 3d graphics
  • Each tower has its own design!

We don’t want to unveil all the secrets of Awakened Gods: Elementals TD. Play and you will find them!

the game is full and free