[GAME][2.3+][Free] Reckless Stunts

Hello Everyone,

Allow me to share with you my new android racing game “Reckless Stunts - Racing Game”. It is a 2d racing game with a stunt and power-ups twist, presented with a custom mechanical theme.

If you can please give it a try and let me know what you think ? ( Difficulty, Ease of Use, Usability, Sfx, Music . . .)

Link on Google play: [u]Download[/u]

What distinguish the game is:

  • The game play with power-ups that are available on Runtime, by filling the power charger
  • The mechanical theme ( level selector, HUD animation …)
  • The challenges that you need to achieve via the 6 type of stunts: KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System), Air Time, Front-Back Flip, Front-Back Wheelie
  • The vehicles and their categories, ( muscle cars, army trucks, traktors, bulldozer, octo-wheels, electric pods…)
  • Raising awareness on safe driving, by allowing the player to commit to safe driving tips and win coins in returns.

Thank you